Dreaming about connecting people with nature

I do not want to start this writing telling you about all the work to be done by us to stop Climate Change and all the social and environmental problematics that the world is facing. But I want to thank you for all the efforts, actions and decisions taken, documentaries watched, books read and for educated yourself about how to take care of our planet. I want to encourage you to keep going, to give a little bit more, to take this journey step by step. Little actions make a huge difference.

I am a nature lover. I loved to be outside. I love the adventures. I love the smell of the forest, the beach, mountains. Yet, more than anything, I am a people lover and I am so passionate about connecting people with nature and communities. My dreams? I have many, but all of them can be resumed in two projects I have in my heart and mind since a long time ago:

1. Work together with Indigenous peoples from Ecuador to show to the world Ecuadorian unique environmental and the rich culture of my people. Of course, this must be done in a sustainable way. I called it “Reciprocal Tourism” which means that visitors will not just take from the land but give back to the land. Visitors will have the opportunity of traveling around Ecuador learning about history (the real one), culture, gastronomy, etc. while volunteering and supporting local projects.

2. I want to open and outdoor school in Vancouver that connect kids with nature. Kids will be outside during sunny and rainy days playing in the mud, jumping in puddles, climbing trees, running in the forest and just have fun being outside. As you can see, I am a strong believer that we need to connect more with nature, so we will take care of it with love and respect.

I am working on my dreams to be real. I am trying to make them work. Sometimes, I feel I must fit in our society model: A stable job in an office working for others’ dreams, a good salary, a house, a car, a family, and bla bla bla. I do not want that. I do not want to work in an office. I want to work outside. I want to do something meaningful and I am sure you want it too. Do not be afraid of talking about your dreams to people, to dream them, to love them and to make them real. Your dreams are so valuable because you believe on them.

I am a dreamer as you are and I still have a long way to go, but I am there pushing them little by little. As you, I fight everyday for not being succumbed by my fears, traumas, lack of self-esteem and dark thoughts, but my dreams give me the encouragement and one more reason to keep loving this crazy world.

The world needs dreamers, people with passion, joy, and resilience. Keep dreaming like when you were a kid, keep doing things with love and do not forget to go outside and observe the magic of our world.

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