Ugly True that You Need to Cannot Escape

This week it has been viral the reality of my country. The reality I always tried to escape moving to a different country, but this week it hit me. It hit me with frustration, it hit me with sadness and it stills hits me. Then I asked myself, and also asked my friends why? but, they told me what I always have known deep inside me. It has always been like that, the only truth is that know most of us to have access to cameras on our devices to document it.

This truth hits me with more frustration and sadness every second, every minute, in the back of my head, and now every day when I open my phone. My country is in pain, my neighbour countries are in pain, the world is in pain, and yet the school teaches us to believe in the system. School reinforces and imposes a system that has failed to me, and might have failed to you as well.

A person once told me we are pure violence, and yet I still want to not believe that there is a solution; however, I see people's suffering everywhere in my country and most of the world.

I moved to another country believing that my country was the problem, but I found in the other country almost the same problems: status gaps, silence, proletariat's pain, conservative issues and silence but in different levels. I do not know yet if we can help our society. Society often cuts our dreams.

Yet, we, the more privilege, are drawn by social media to make a parallel reality. We go in the media ignoring the pain of others and posting pictures that make us look 'happy' or to showing we 'bought' this or 'own' that (knowing that deep inside this parallel reality is a lie). Whereas, the less lucky dreamers and fearless people are out there fighting for our rights. They post them in the social media for us, the less conscious or less touch from reality, to wake up. But, do you like to see that in your media or prefer to ignore it and slice your finger as any other picture?

What to do then? Well, I believe that we cannot escape from reality, but we can start being more empathic with each other. Now, the hope is inside us, because if we cannot go outside to fight, we have to fight ourselves, our beliefs, our empathy, our care, our systematic education and re-invent ourselves. After that, we will possibly find the solutions to the problems in our society (be available to answer what to do in our society or perhaps no), and we will have to live within inside us, our spirituality or way to connect with our true selves, and empathy until we are ALL ready to fight back the hierarchy because it is impossible with only a few caring.

I strongly believe that:

those who think they do not need to take care of their mental health or acknowledge their mental health when seeing the reality of the world, are those who are really sick and need help the most.

let's be patient with them while we grieve, take care of ourselves in the way we can and get ready for what is next, but let's also acknowledge the ones who died with that pain and let's care for their pain too.

Wait for us fearless and dreamers! Meanwhile, why do not try to help the less lucky with the actions we can do in the position the society has given us?
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